The easiest way to a lively offline Community

When it comes to engaging your members, who knows better than them? Let them create engaging activities, and build a happier, more productive community. With no effort.


The easiest engagement experience ever

A single swipe. That’s all it takes. 

Are you interested in the activity? Swipe right. Are you not? Swipe left. 

Once the activity reaches the minimum number of participants, it transforms automatically into a group chat, and starts.

Let your members engage themselves with Social Organizing App.


Get inspired

The app comes with hundreds of premade templates to inspire your members, but users can create their own templates from scratch. 

Ensure participation through gamification. The seamless experience of swiping to express interest will improve users’ attention to the Community activities and projects.


Social organizing app

An engaged community means a more productive community

Social Organizing is a tool to greatly reduce the effort to engage the community, by enabling your members to self organize fun, productive and attractive activities. 

Quickly learn what drives them, and how to make the best of their skills. 


Training, Networking
and Teambuildin

Socialising, Free Time
and volunteering

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80+ ready made activity ideas
110+ ready made activity ideas

Ready for Business

Business email login & SSO

Make sure only the right people get inside your space by using our business email white list system or our SSO integration.


Manage complex organizations with different levels of communities. Automatically import members to make sure they right away end up in the right place.

In depth analytics

Track your metrics: from user growth, to engagement all the way to finding out the most succesfull ideas and topics: our analytics will help you target all your work and achieve the most impact.

Support & Coaching

Get help in setting up activity templates, creating your own and regularly monitoring your results. Our team of experts will help you optimize your community engagement efforts and get the best results.

Book a free trial of WeDo for business

Why don’t you test it, for free? 

Book a Free Trial of the Social Organizing app and see the impact by yourself. 

Start engaging your members, today!

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