10 ideas for Christmas parties for 2019

10 ideas for Christmas parties for 2019

Christmas is coming! Don’t be caught unprepared!
Christmas is an opportunity to unite your community in a nice collective event. There is not much time left but we can do it! Here are 10 ideas for Christmas parties suitable for any community! They are very quick to organize, they won’t require too much effort and you can make them a ritual for every future Christmas… Or use them to create 10 original Christmas parties in the coming years!

1. Secret santa

There’s just one thing that is more beautiful than receiving a gift, and that is: giving a gift. In the Secret Santa event you have to make a gift for someone in the company, but he won’t know it’s from you! At the same time you’ll receive a gift without knowing your personal Santa until the end. 

The rules are simple: 

  • Write the names of each participant on pieces of paper. Aspiring Santa Claus will draw one for each to whom they will have to give the gift.
  • Set a price limit for the gifts and a date to exchange them! On that date everyone will exchange presents!

And if you want suggestions for the gifts, go for something practical (like slippers or winter wear), funny (an ironic T-shirt or a mug) or even crafted by you (like cookies or a handmade scarf).

2. The Wine themed Christmas Party.

This is one of the adult’s ideas for Christmas parties 2019: turn the party into a moment of Christmas wine tasting. Everyone will appreciate various types of excellent wines and exchange themed gifts.

For example everyone could treat themselves with a bottle of wine as for the Secret Santa (always imposing a maximum cost to avoid embarrassment) and the community could give everyone a gift. For example a corkscrew or a simple bottle holder.

3. Ugly sweater contest

Please find something really ugly! Something nasty. Something you’ll never wear in any other moment!

This party is one of the most fun and easy. The collaboration of everyone in dressing is the only ingredient that will make it something memorable. Finding clothes suitable for the party (not necessarily sweaters) is easy and cheap enough for everyone.

At the party it’s mandatory to have a themed space to take photos and selfies so as to witness to everyone how Christmas can be ungraceful. You can even set a prize: the best (worst?) sweaters get the prize of king and queen of the party!

4. Christmas Movie Trivia 

At Christmas we always see the same films: Home Alone, Elf, Miracle at 34th street, Love Actually, Trading Places, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Die Hard for some reason…

And I all know most of these classics by heart! Or not?

Turn the evening into a quiz to find out who is the most experienced of the company in terms of Christmas movies!

Great questions like:

  • Why the Grinch hates Christmas?
  • What are the names of the two Home Alone robbers?

And so on…

5. Christmas Cookie

Let’s challenge ourselves to find out who is the best pastry chef in the group! 

One of the ideas for Christmas parties for 2019 is to do a little competition. But let’s make this simple and appropriate: everyone at home prepares a number of Christmas cookies. He carefully chooses the ingredients, decorations, shape and appearance and then presents them to the other members of the group. All the biscuits are put on a table and are kept anonymous for votes.

Everyone votes the most beautiful cookies and the best ones and in the end you decide who is the absolute winner of Christmas 2019!

6. White elephant gift exchange

credit: playpartyplan.com

A white elephant gift exchange party is an entertaining event. Technically the term white elephant refers to an “extravagant, but impractical, gift that cannot be easily disposed of.” [from Wikipedia]

So search your house to find the worse umbrella stand, vase, figurine, pillow or tech gadget you can. Or on those links you can find about a hundred different ideas, and they are all hilarious:



Once everyone brought his gift, all the gifts are placed together, and participants take turns to open them. The first person opens a wrapped gift. Then, in following turns, each person can either unwrap a new present or “steal” another’s. When a person’s gift is stolen, that person can either unwrap another gift or steal from another player.

7. Christmas Tree Decorating Party

Creating ornaments and Christmas decorations is a great idea, especially if you have an area dedicated to the community that you can decorate. Or if the community is born around a specific place, for example the office or an association.

Create together with your group many small decorations of paper, fabric or colored glass and build a magnificent Christmas tree!

It’s a quick idea that brings a result that will remain in plain sight until after Christmas for the whole community and for all guests!

8. Hot Chocolate Party

Do you want an idea for a comfortable and quiet Christmas party? Instead of doing evenings with loud music, Christmas spirits, and dancing Santa Clauses, you can make a simple snack together. it is much less demanding than most other ideas but it is also very nice and appreciated. Imagine gathering all your friends suddenly in mid-afternoon and pulling out… hot chocolate for everyone! A simple and beautiful surprise!
Merry Christmas!

9. Christmas carols karaoke

Every culture in every language in the world has a tradition of Christmas carols! So there are no geographical limits that prevent you from making a karaoke night with a Christmas twist.

You can find ready-made playlists of Christmas instrumental songs on Spotify, if you want https://open.spotify.com/album/1EPpi7OatcoZ9rhNeHsXfJ . These are classics, but Mariah Carey is fine too!

10. Christmas Charity Dinner

We already talked about dining and charity in the food party ideas for offices. Christmas is the perfect time to spread love in the world together with your team! In a Christmas charity dinner, you can invite a guest to talk about a good cause. Typically the guest will be a fundraiser or a representative of a charity, that will tell a great story about its cause. The speaker could be someone from the group, who volunteers or is involved in a charity project!

The important thing is to collect free or fixed donations from everyone by the end of the dinner!

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