10 food ideas perfect for offices

10 food ideas perfect for offices

Food related events are always a big attraction in the workplace! Everyone likes to eat and those events are good moments to spend together. Colleagues know each other better and the office becomes a place to live, and not just a place to work! We need ideas to vary the activities. With these 10 food ideas perfect for offices you will create original and successful events. They will also inspire you for your next ideas!

Propose different types of cuisine

1. Japanese and oriental

Oriental cuisines are always full of surprises. They can be spicy like the Indian or delicate like the Japanese. But in the office one of the best possibilities is sushi! First of all it is delicious: rice and fish are great! Sushi does not take too much time to eat and it does not weigh down the stomach. It’s funny and easy! Since you can pick different sushi types to share with colleagues, everyone will be satisfied!

2. Mexican and South American

Mexican and South American cuisine is one of the most varied, colourful and tasty in the world. The dishes are easy to eat and include varieties suitable for all tastes. Also for vegetarians or vegans.
Meat, cheese, chili and what else? A little of Mexico nostalgia. Tacos are fun, simple to prepare (if you like the idea of having them prepared by those who eat them) and really easy to customize. A great dish for a themed party or a group lunch. 

Taco lovers can find a place to eat them, or even cook the meal by themselves!

Go fast and classic

3. Pizza time

Can you smell the tomato, the basil and the piping hot pizza dough? 

Pizza is THE BEST ONE of the food ideas, perfect for offices. FYI, Jeff Bezos uses pizza numbers as the measurement unit of meetings efficiency. He only holds meetings in which two pizzas will feed the entire group.

Who doesn’t like pizza? Order the pizza and divide it among the whole group. A few slices of different pizzas are more satisfying. Sharing is also an opportunity to try new toppings for the more traditionalists.

4. Ice Cream break!

Ice cream is fast, cheap, easy and everyone loves it! 

An ice cream in the middle of the afternoon is the best way to become a child again for a few minutes. Instead of the usual bitter and hot coffee, try an ice cream, fresh and sweet.

A refreshing and shared break!

This time you should try some new flavour that you never tried before (how about pear and blue cheese?). 

Make it fun and interesting

5. Best Burger Competition

This may require a little space and organization, but it worths it. 

Making a competition for the best burger is a nice team building event, in which everyone eats. Burgers are very popular (and can also be made vegetarian or vegan). It is necessary to provide a space for everyone to grill and enough material to allow everyone to produce four or five burgers. Afterwards a jury must be formed, composed of the non-participants in the competition. The competition must be structured in such a way as to allow each judge to taste a part of the burger. For practical reasons (stomach capacity) the participants must be limited. Here’s a few rules from one of the official Battles you can copy!

Do you already smell the embers and the tasty smoke? Put the meat on the grill and carefully choose the ingredients with which you want to garnish the sandwich. The winner gets a place in the cooking Olympus.

6. Invite a special guest lunch

Some food ideas perfect for offices are not necessarily funny but educational! Imagine some informal lunches where people rotate in inviting one or more guests who can share insights with the team and company members. 

Meals are great moments for internal and external networking. A lunch with a special guest gives the opportunity to get to know a good experience. There are many possible human life stories and surely everyone has the desire to invite a person. Organize a series of business lunches that each involve a special guest: the CEO, a founder of a company, a startupper, a veteran of the sector. Just think about it!

Eat productively

7. Customer feedback lunch

Make the lunch an opportunity to invite a customer to eat and ask them to provide honest feedback on their experience with your company. Perfect for designers, product managers, marketers, salesman and customer success people. And the client will be happy to help you if you provide them food!

8. Share a book lunch

Let’s unite two wonderful passions: literature and cuisine, drinks and poetry. Food and books! 

There are two possible formats:

  • A lunch where each person can present the last awesome book they read. So it’s a brief moment to share and learn! It cannot take much more than 5 minutes for everyone to present what they are reading. But it depends, since a lot of people could come just to listen and learn.
  • A lunch where one person shares the book and everyone else listen. It’s a more relaxed version, and it allows the person to prepare a better explanation of his readings. It’s a little less “democratic”, since every time just one person can share his ideas.

It could also be a different time from lunch, but if we want to make it fit into this list, there must be food!

Share the love

9. Potluck – Everyone cooks something

Food ideas perfect for offices are also perfect to share love! 

In a potluck lunch you have to bring out the cook in yourself and share a meal with your friends! No need of sophistication and don’t worry about making the perfect lunch. Just make something that is simple and tasty

The really important point of this lunch together is the collaboration to do something together. For example it is important that what you eat is homemade and not ordered from some restaurant. In this case, food becomes a metaphor for one’s work and oneself. “I feed you with the work of my hands!” It’s a nice thought and it’s a nice thing to do as a team.

10. Charity dinner

This last idea is to really spread love in the world together with your team. Organize a charity dinner, in which you invite a guest to talk about a good cause. It can be a gala event but also a much less formal event. It may take the form of a dinner, a meeting with a final buffet, or a lunch similar to a special guest lunch.

The important thing is to dedicate it to charity, then collect free or fixed donations. Balance the costs well with the requests you will make to donors for not asking too much, but also to make a good donation!

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