10 outdoor team activity ideas (perfect for team building too!)

10 outdoor team activity ideas (perfect for team building too!)

Are you in charge of a group of people and you want to build a real team out of them? Or are you just looking for some cool and daredevil activities to make with your friends? Here are a few outdoor team activity ideas you might like! Perfect for outdoor team building!

1. The Sunday Hike

Stand up in the room and say out loud: “We are going on an adventure!”.

Hiking is a great activity for a lot of reasons:

  • It’s versatile. Hiking can be both a relaxing experience or an exciting survival challenge: it really depends on how you want it to be.
  • It does not necessarily require a lot of equipment, neither big budgets or great experience.
  • It leaves the possibility to talk while walking in the same time prevents people from “get lost” in their smartphones.
  • It’s possible to have a hike nearly anywhere, it just requires a little bit of nature! It’s obviously better if you do it in a mountain or hills area.
  • It’s a highly beneficial activity, that helps both on mental and physical level. It relieves stress and helps stay fit without doing too much effort.

These are some of the reasons why hiking is a great way to have a team building activity. Even if it’s simple, mind a few steps to ensure the best experience for your team:

  1. Rule number one of every outdoor activity: check the weather!
  2. Fit the trail to the level of the participants. The less expert sets the bar.
  3. If you can, check the trail before doing the activity. The best trails are the ones you already did in the past. But you can also check on the maps for additional infos: maybe you can strategically place a second car so you can use it to get back to the starting point faster.
  4. Dress accordingly to the hike level.
  5. Even if trail is very easy, pack some easy-to-forget essentials, so other less expert participants can use them also (a little water more, some energy snacks, sunscreen (!), a little first aid kit).

And remember: love nature and leave no trace of your passage!

2.The Paintball or Airsoft Session

Nothing better to beat the hell out of some pesky coworker!

Paintball and airsoft are great team building activities, and also really exciting experiences. Even if they are not as easy to do as other activities in this list, they are very attractive, because they mix a sport activity with a gaming one. And they are really fun!

You can find places for a shooting session almost in every city suburb, ranging from urban like environments (buildings, artificial covers, concrete and asphalt), to pure natural areas (woods, sand bags and trenches) up to open fields with inflatable covers. Every single one of those environments are slightly different from the others, but they are equally enjoyable.

Also, even if those activities are physical, you cannot tell the difference between a male or a female shooter. And girls can play really well, so bring it on!

Some advices:

  1. No need to “bring your own devices”. Most of the places have all you need (for a price!). They are also going to explain in detail how to use weapons, and they are used to novice players. They are gonna be patient, just ask them.
  2. Do not Rambo. Cover yourself. No one ever told me that he enjoyed the stings of the pellets. They leave marks.
  3. Those disciplines are not just a matter of aim, but a matter of communication, tactic, strategy and mostly team work. That’s why they are great as a team working exercise.
  4. Winning is determined by how you occupy the space of the playground. It’s significantly harder to hide from bullets coming from two different directions.
  5. This is the perfect game to find out who’s a natural leader, who can lead a team to victory with the minor possible loss, and who’s a real team player, capable to sacrifice himself for the squad.

You’re going to have some new stories to tell after every game!

3. The team sport Match

That seems obvious but, is it?

A classical sport activity is great if you don’t want to require over commitment to your friends. It’s nothing really daredevil, but it can be fun and it can be exciting. The most common sport you can play in team, and have tournaments too:

  • BasketballCome on and slam, and welcome to the jam! Who’s ready for a 3 vs 3 or a 5 vs 5? A small basket field is always ready. A basket match is fast, it burns a lot of calories and it builds a team!
  • SoccerClassical and popular. The smaller the number of players, the smaller the field, the less you usually run during a game. You can even make variation and bubble it up.
  • RugbyYou want to spice up things? Even if it’s a contact sport you can use variations that require less violent impacts (such as ‘touch rugby’). It’s probably the sport that requires the widest range of skills and team tactics, a really good team work exercise.
  • VolleyNo contact at all, and less sweaty than other sports. But no less fun! This is one of the sports where skills are more appreciated than strength and stamina (at novice levels), so all females team are even better than all males team.

Those are the big 4 because they require less equipment and are more popular, but you can explore a lot of different ones: from water polo to baseball, from cricket to lacrosse, from ultimate frisbee to hockey!

4. The Hot air Balloon ride

Stand up in the sky and find a new unique view of the world.

Taking a balloon trip is a very simple and relaxing activity, suitable for everyone. This activity represent all the experiences that require little skills and little effort. But they are really interesting because represent a new point of view on the world!

What you are building is a common experience among your community members. Strong memories together will tie the group.

Similar activities require little effort to do, even if they could not be so simple to organize.

And they can spice up a longer and complex team activity (such as a team building trip)!

5. Rock Climbing

Grab the rock! Feel the texture.

It is it that will take you up to the top of the wall!

Rock climbing is a sport that makes you feel the deep contact with nature, through earth, rock, air and altitude. It’s the kind of sport that bond you with nature and that you can transform into a great group adventure.

Here’s the reasons:

  • It can be both an all natural adventure or an indoor event, in case the weather is against you.
  • Difficulty may vary a lot in the same place. Hiking means all the group is doing something hard or something easy. Climbing can have, literally in the same square meter, the hardest and the easiest configuration. It just depends on where you grab the rock.
  • Climbing requires teammates. They support you and they teach you.
  • It teaches that you can fall a lot, but that you can restart and go higher than the last time.

Cons are that equipment is required, but it’s not really too expensive and it can be shared. Also it’s an activity that cannot be done in big groups.

Begin with something simple and then get higher and higher!

6. The training group

Training together creates special bonds. They seek for a shared objective, they work together to achieve it. It’s a great metaphor of the work life.

Training can be done in a wide number of ways. We’ll share two that are most representative.

At the simplest extreme in terms of organization and sharing, we have the training group for running.

It’s not hard to explain, neither to organize, neither to do. It holds no risk at all, requires no equipment. The problem is that it could be boring for someone or too repetitive, other people may be too advanced as runners to join a group where they are forced to wait for the slower friends. But it’s so simple that it’s always worth a shot!

At the complete opposite we have activities that require special equipment or training, that are not something everyone has already done. But those are also really entertaining, educative and make everyone in team start from the same level.

One example is a  Survival Training CourseA trainer can transform anyone from a city man to an expert survivalist! You can discover the joy of building a small campfire with no tools and to survive the harsh wild life without any help. Train yourself: when you are one on one with nature, the slightest error could mean the nastiest consequences.

7. The ‘wet’ natural experience (Canoeing and Canyoning)

This recalls some of the previous listed experiences, but the main component is water. Which can be a big plus for some people. Water means more fun, but it also requires better weather conditions. And equipment!

  • Canoeing: If you want a more relaxing experience,  take the surface of the calm watersPaddle away over the water and see the land, the sea and the sky from another perspective. Canoeing is simple and does not require too much effort. This is an activity that can be done in shallow waters so don’t be afraid, novice swimmers!
  • Canyoning: If you are looking for adventures, jump in a canyonEarth around you in rocks, water below you in rivers, and air in front of you in heights. Canyoning is an all-round natural activity, pure exploration of rivers on mountains. You only need a group and a guide! Then just follow the flow.

Activities like these are always great for forming a team, helping to generate common memories and emotions. They are amazing because they show the world from new points of view!

8. The Racing

“Outdoors” does not necessarily mean “in nature”. A magnificent outdoor team activity is kart race, even in an urban environment.

It is also easy to prepare a real championshipwhich lasts a whole day. Kart races can be done in teams, even numerous, alternating in relay races. Strength is created by the entire team, not by the individual racer!

When you drive a kart you feel the pressure at every turn. You also can feel the adrenaline rush when you overtake your opponents! Kart racing is the closest you can legally get to host or race in a Formula 1 championship. Hop on a kart and push the gas pedal. And don’t forget to put on some prize for the winners!

9. The dog Walking group

This is probably the easiest group activity you can do with a team (besides walking without a dog). It’s really easy to organize and do, it requires no effort at all and it can be done in literally any place. The closest park or urban district for example.

So why the dogs? Because it makes the walk more interesting! There’s a huge difference between making a walk and a dog walk! You’ll find more things to do and topics to discuss with your friends. It’s the same with the parties: there’s a huge difference between throwing a generic party and a themed party!

So, do you have a four – legged best friend? Does he like his furry fellows? Why don’t we meet, explore the city and let them play together?

Let’s find a nice park and let your dog enjoy the company of some new friends.

10. The outdoor team activity – game

These last activities represent the  games designed specifically to create team building in companies. But that can be used for any team in other contexts.

These are activities that require good organization skills and can also require many resources. In general it is better to rely on professionals to do them.

However they are very funny, very constructive and teach the team how to work together in a scientific way!

  • Carton Boat

This requires quite an organization: you need water, supplies, a whole day, and to involve a lot of players to make it! But it’s perfect for everyone in the team: the smart and lazy, the athletic, the creative one…

People have to build a simple boat with limited resources and test it against the competitors. Resources usually involve carton, duct tape and other simple office supplies… The organizer should set prizes for the most beautiful boat, the fastest team and obviously for the one that makes it further!

  • Scavenger Hunt

This is far simpler than the previous one, but requires a good organization too. It works as a normal scavenger hunt. So the organizers must build a trail of clues that lead to a final prize. The first team to end the hunt is the alpha pack! Follow the hints and don’t let them mislead you!

A scavenger hunt is a team game perfect for office. It’s funny, it doesn’t consume too much time and it helps you develop creativity and other useful skills.

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